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Just a quick message, that I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday full of seasonal cheer,

I'll still be doing/uploading my daily sketches, more info about requests/etc later on probably before new years.

Anyway Have a Merry Holiday and have fun :)
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Been a while since I said anything about what's going on, So studying Fine Art is pretty intense, in that at least for me there's alot of work to get done and get done in a timely manner and to a high standard of quality and production value.

So far its been a little hectic adjusting to Uni life, making time to eat and sleep proper as well as maintain a good work ethic and working schedule, which has meant that I mostly only have time to do uni work and not much else apart from getting my daily sketches done, but thankfully I do still have alot that I have yet to upload as well as well as quite a backlog of stuff to continue working on/finish.

Once Inktober is done, I'll move back to digital sketches, which normally take a while longer to do than tradtional sketches, but I have ordered a new tablet-just waiting for it to arrive at some point :/. 

as always I'm behind on keeping up date with everything in my inbox, but Uni comes first, but still I want and am trying to make time to keep up to date on stuff.

I'll start uploading Uni stuff at some point, most likely once like i feel I have enough free time to work on that ( getting good photos/scans, cropping etc and organising)

Requests / Trades CLOSED

So no more requests for a while until I finish the current list.
As of 30/10/2016; currently 15 out of 15 requests & with 5 out of 15 complete from;

- LEXA-Lexamus-Prime  (in progress )
- Lurch-jr                    (x3, 1 complete, 1 in progress)
- Heimrosejr                (x2, 1 complete)
- Midnightowl07            (complete)
- Sprite-genius              (in progress)
- Sonicbran23
- Segamarvel              (x3, 1 complete)
- VyseDyne (Trade)
- Ahpolki0513
- Crashman-alpha

So regarding requests/trades as I have been busy with Uni work and adjusting to Uni life and all that I haven't had time to work on requests, but I'm now getting into the swing of things and may start to go back on working on requests, but Its pretty likely that my output will be slower than before-but I'll try my best to get them all done as quickly as possible, hopefully not at a detriment to their quality.

if anyone has any questions let me know and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Sorry for the long wait and for the long silences with requests and stuff.
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                                 Requests / Trades Open

To make requests or trades please do so via comments (here, my profile, or on deviations) or notes, I've decided to have a limit of 15 requests/trades so that I am not overwhelmed and cannot keep up with the number of requests & trades as well as not being able to work on my own ideas/etc.

I will do my best to get back to you once I've seen the comment,etc about your request, to further discuss the specifics.

 As of 22/07/2016; currently 13 out of 15 requests & with 5 out of 13 complete from;

- LEXA-Lexamus-Prime  (in progress )
- Lurch-jr                    (x3  - 1 complete, 1 in progress)
- Heimrosejr                (x2, one complete)
- Midnightowl07            (complete)
- Sprite-genius              (in progress)
- Sonicbran23
- Segamarvel               (complete)
- VyseDyne (Trade)
- Ahpolki0513
- Crashman-alpha
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Requests / Trades Open

To make requests or trades please do so via comments (here, my profile, or on deviations) or notes, I don't have a limit (as in number of) on requests so ask away-unless it gets too hectic then I will add a limit but otherwise not.

I will do my best to get back to you once I've seen the comment,etc about your request, to further discuss the specifics.

As of now (04/03/2016); there are currently 11 requests,
  - LEXA-Lexamus-Prime
  - Lurch-jr (x2)
  - Jadelh (on hold ?)
  - Heimrosejr
  - Midnightowl07
  - Sprite-genius
  - Sonicbran23
  - Segamarvel
  - VyseDyne (Trade)
  - Ahpolki0513

Recently I haven't made much progress with requests for one reason or another. Now that I've had all my interviews and no longer need to do work directly for my portfolio, I can continue with progressing with requests/trades and other work, as well as catching up on deviations in my inbox.

Other Stuff/What's going on ( not directly concerning requests/trades )

When I was working on some artwork/sketches for my portfolio, I came to the realisation that I don't sketch enough, in the sense of sketching to improve technique and ability whereas I normally work to a complete artpiece rather than work to find/refine/define my own style and develop the skills/knowledge needed for further study (i.e university) or for professional level work. 

So, yeh I'm about 20,000 deviations behind in my inbox, which will take me roughly 2 weeks to get through-not taking those 2 weeks worth of deviations into account, but I'll get there, the goal is to get completely up to date before my birthday so I can really focus on doing work whether it be requests or my own stuff.

If there's anything I want to do is to experiment, whether it be digital artwork, photography, 3D modeling, Lego MOC building, paintings, sketches,etc.I want to experiment and not only experiment in medium but also themes/subjects of my work, superheroes and comic books was, to me a good starting place as it would help to develop the skills in figures & anatomy, facial expressions, backgrounds/landscapes,etc, and its very much something I am interested in, but I want to push myself and find what it is that I do well.

What I plan to do in the near future is to do alot more of study's and sketches that hopefully for me are informative in what I need to improve at as well as finding ideas for how I should do things in the future and to gain a deeper understanding as how to approach and tackle something differently.

Hopefully that makes sense in some way to how I'm feeling and what I want/need to do.

Adios, have a good day/night wherever you are :) .

P.S At a later point I will go into how I feel about doing commissions/paid work ( it's something I hope to do someday, once I have a solid schedule and also when I feel that my work is worth charging for) and my goals/objectives with DeviantArt and my work.
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------------Requests Info-------------------

Requests Open

To make requests please do so via comments (here, my profile, or on deviations) or notes, I don't have a limit (as in number of) on requests so ask away-unless it gets too hectic then I will add a limit but otherwise not.

I will do my best to get back to you once I've seen the comment,etc about your request, to further discuss the specifics.

As of now (31/01/2016); there are currently requests,
    - LEXA-Lexamus-Prime
    - lurch-jr (x2)
    - jadelh 
    - heimrosejr
    - Midnightowl07
    - Sprite-genius
    - Sonicbran23

for the nest few days until the around Feb 5th I will be working on completing and submitting an online portfolio, after which I will be able to continue progress with requests and other work, however I will also have to prep my real life portfolio for interviews when they come up, sorry for the inconvience.
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So A New year is here, 2016. 

Looking ahead there's alot I'm excited for and things that I'm more apprehensive about.

Things I'm looking foward to;
 -films like Batman V Superman and Captain America: Civil war.
 -Lego for BvS and Cap3 as well as other Marvel/DC lego and Bionicle and StarWars
 -Games (to name a few); Lego Avengers, GT Sport, No Man's Sky, as well as some games I've missed out on like Fallout 4 and LittleBigPlanet 3.
 -trying various programs to hopefully come up with some interesting artworks.
 -working (painting) on canvas.
 -maybe learning to drive.
 -hopefully getting consistent and good enough to where I might consider doing commissions or something similar.
 -doing more artwork based on my Original characters .
 -doing more fanart.
 -doing something/more to show how grateful to everyone here on DA and beyond for their support :) (Smile)

Happy 2016 Everybody, to peace and prosperity.

------------Requests Info-------------------

Requests Open

To make requests please do so via comments (here, my profile, or on deviations) or notes, I don't have a limit (as in number of) on requests so ask away-unless it gets too hectic then I will add a limit but otherwise not.

I will do my best to get back to you once I've seen the comment,etc about your request, to further discuss the specifics.

As of now (09/01/2016); there are currently requests,
    - LEXA-Lexamus-Prime
    - lurch-jr
    - jadelh
    - heimrosejr
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Feliz Navidad, Happy Holidays....

Whether you're celebrating something or not, alone or with people, I hope you have a wonderful time, Enjoy the Holidays :)

On a side note I've done all current requests, and probably won't do any more until the new year.

To be clear you can still make requests (via comments or notes), but I won't work on them/complete them until the new year, I don't have a limit (as in number of) on requests so ask away-unless it gets too hectic then I will add a limit but otherwise not.
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-Currently working on 2 requests, at the time of typing this, I should finish colouring 1 soon, the other should be done hopefully before Christmas, as a said before once I've done both remaining requests I (if I have enough time) will try to complete other unfinished recent work, as well as doing something seasonal, which in any case will take priority over my other incomplete work.

-I probably have got alot of deviations to go through my inbox again ( been trying to focus solely on completing my remaining requests before Xmas ) , hopefully this time I will be able to get through them quicker and without impacting my overall productivity.

-so once all current requests (2) are done I won't do any more until the new year, to be clear you can still make requests (via comments or notes), but I won't work on them until the new year, I don't have a limit (as in number of) on requests so ask away-unless it gets too hectic then I will add a limit but otherwise not.

-------Star Wars (no spoilers)---------

On the subject of The Force Awakens, I saw it a few hours ago, my dad felt it was a bit over-hyped but nonetheless enjoyed the film. I on the other hand loved it, leading up to the film I had kept telling myself not to get too hyped and that at the very least it will be better than the prequels and at best would be on par or dare say it better than one/any of the original films.

Thankfully I didn't have anything spoiled for me. I avoided twitter, Tumblr, Reddit and on Youtube, avoided videos that were star wars related, or podcasts that could bring up star wars and avoided looking at most comment sections for videos I did watch. 

I won't spoiler anything for obvious reasons, but the only thing I'll say in regards to the plot (not sure if this would be considered spoilery, but I wouldn'y call it spoilery) is that in some ways it felt thematically similar to A New Hope, in a good way of course.

I saw the film in 3D which was intially kindof jarring in the previews and at the very beginning as I hadn't seen a film in 3D for a while, I think the last film I saw in 3D was Toy Story 3 but I'm not sure. I would say that seeing the film in 3D definitely added to the experience and didn't take anything away from it.

Overall The Force Awakens has re-invigorated my interest in Star Wars and has left me excited for future films, Star Wars Battlefront and other future star wars games and of course, Lego Star Wars.
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-So I've got 3 requests to work through.
-Apart from requests I've got some various ideas/things that I want to finish before Christmas, I also want to do something seasonal, but that depends on how productive I am, which is predicated on how early I get up.
-currenty got around 3200 deviations in my inbox to go through, so apologies again in not being able to keep up with everyone's work.
That's all I can think to say right now, if there's anything else I update this journal when appropriate. 

On a side note, I've almost finished Fallout 3, that was alot more fun than I thought it would be, even though I spent alot time playing with Godmode on.

Update (3/12/15);
-unless there's something I've forgotten I have 2 requests to do, ( at the time of typing the journal I was in the process of finishing a request)

Update (14/12/15);
-Currently working on 3 requests, at the time of typing this, I should be finishing 1 soon, the other 2 should be done hopefully before the end of next week ( I'm being generous as to not overestimate)
-once all 3 requests are done I will on work on finishing sketches and other stuff before Christmas and upload them as well as doing something seasonal to upload hopefully on christmas eve or on Christmas itself.
-I have to work through some University application stuff in the next few days, but hopefully that won't take up too much "creative" time.
-I do plan on seeing StarWars at some point maybe on Friday or Saturday, so avoiding spoilers will be somewhat of a nightmare, but I'm still really really excited to see it.
-still need to setup a website, as a more professional gateway for me and my art and for a portfolio, not sure when I'll get around to doing this, maybe at some point after christmas but before the new year.
-finally managed to go through my Inbox and look through all stored deviations, Of course I'll still have to check and go through my inbox every couple of hours, but it now means that I can spend more time being creative/productive, practicing/experiments with new techniques/mediums, of course uploading more regularly and consistently but most of all interacting with those I watch and those who watch me, without all of you I wouldn't be as passionate about my artwork and improving myself as an artist and as a person.

-so once all current requests (3) are done I won't do any more until the new year, to be clear you can still make requests (via comments or notes), but I won't work on them until the new year, I don't have a limit (as in number of) on requests so ask away-unless it gets too hectic then I will add a limit but otherwise not.
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-working on a couple of requests, if all goes well then I should be colouring them all soon.

-I need to start/finish colouring some recent(ish) work that I've yet to complete.

-I am terrible at keeping a good productive schedule, but hopefully that will be changing soon, so that I'm able to work on my normal work as well as keeping up with my inbox (around 6000 deviations to still go through) and find time to practice digital stuff amd finally of course being able to upload regularly but maintain my presence on DA as well as my Tumblr, Instagram and twitter.

that's all I can think to say right now without making this too long, so It's time for me to back to work (and stop playing Fallout 3). 
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What's weird for me was I stopped sortof doing anything for Halloween a few years back, but my mum decorates the house makes snacks and treats, I carve the pumpkin. 

Normally my mum gets me to dress up, last few years as a clone trooper (Captain Rex from the clone warts series I believe-the costume was pretty big so it's managed to fit me for quite a while) we'll have a halloween themed dinner and watch something Halloweeny.

I'll probably end up play Fallout 3 on pc or Arkham Knight or Destiny on PS4 or even break out the PS3 and play GTAV or Battlefield3.

Art wise I've been distracted (Fallout3) but I'm working on a couple of requests and inbetween working on some FunHaus fanart. As I said previously I'm going to experiment with some Digital stuff, right now what I'm planning to do is draw something in various programs to see which one I work best in, so I'll draw something in Photoshop CS2, Inkscape, GIMP and autodesk sketchbook, and go from there to see which program is best for me.

If you've read this far, STOP and enjoy Halloween, Have Fun and a Spoopy Halloween  :3 .
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Thankfully my internet has now returned to a stable speed, that will allow me to check up on my inbox, upload stuff,etc. I've just about finished some new stuff, but I'll still have to scan them, fix the colours etc,etc.

Now that my internet is usable again, I'm going to try to improve my digital drawing/painting skills with the help of tutorials, youtube ,etc.

Inbetween colouring stuff, I'm going to some pencil sketches (Fanart-portraits mostly) to improve my general drawing/sketching skills and to give me practice at doing faces and expressions.

So recently (I can't quite remember when exactly at the time of typing this) I became an admin for a group (the-LEXA-production )

I'm not sure how to react really, I'm still really sortof confused about it all really.

I feel like there's something I want to get off my chest, but I can't figure out what that is, anyway , time to draw.
second attempt at trying to type this, anyway yep my internet has tanked completely since yesterday ,I'm gonna have to wait for it to go back to normal, apologies for the lack of anything prior and in the meantime.
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so I haven't said or done much for a little while, Again I've tried to focus on getting plenty of stuff done and then upload and maintain my Watch Inbox,etc. 

-finished off some more recent sketches.

-working on some new OC sketches.

-also working some other stuff more on that later.

I'll do my best to say more in the next update, where I'll hopefully be able to convey my points better.

-so recently I've been playing MGS and Fallout Shelter, and I am getting around to finishing some lineart I haven't worked on in a while.
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So Paris , France .

Bear with me as I try to compose my thoughts on the trip in a coherent manner.

Overall I had a great time, there were some negatives ( me walkning around with sore feet and legs, and some stuff at the station on the way back) however despite the negatives I really enjoyed myself, the weather, landmarks, people and the general feel of the place.

The Food, something I realised on the last day whilst having MacDonalds for Lunch was that each Lunch/Dinner I had eaten Burgers-not exaclty French cuisine, but they were all extremely tasty (including McD's Big Tasty Bacon Burger :) ), the things i had for breakfast were much more varied than my lunch's/dinners.

So for the places I visited, firstoff  we went to the Sacre Coeur Catherdral, then Arc Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Louvre, Centre de Pompidou and Notre Dame.

-In total I took 882 photos so it's going to take me a while to comb through all of those to figure out which ones I can upload as is, which ones need to be edited before possibly uploading them and of course which ones need to be deleted because they came out bad and can't be fixed.

-I'm still behind on checking through all deviations in my inbox, right now I've got around 6000 in total to go through, so apologies that i'm going to be able keep up to date with everyone's work for a while.

-Of Course whilst i was in France I some Lego as a Mememto of the Trip, some Superheroes's sets and a Bionicle set, the Bionicle has definitely given me some ideas for future artworks, but it'll probably be a while before anything comes from that.
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wasn't sure how to title this, anyway no (overly) long rant this time-that situation is much better now, anyway to the point, come Tuesday the 25th i will be away on holiday in France for a few days, and then i'll be back. I'm still quite behind at checking deviations in my inbox something around 5000 still to go through and i know that will go up when i'm away.

once i'm back i have to work out (plan out) some things about studying, right now i'm unsure what i want to study, something i want to do or something that will be able to get me a decent job so i can support myself, then's there's making sure whatever i pick gets my parents "seal of approval". At some point as well i need to figure out a schedule for working out cos i could definitely be in better shape, if not for just my health but self confidence and energy to become more productive and efficient with my work and everyday life.

 i suck and tried to put a shrug emoticon as my title for this and it resulted in my submitted several journals with a random title, oh well, live and learn.
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-i've decided to go back and finish a bunch of old sketches so i can do new stuff without having the old work bother me.

-with only a couple days to go before my trip to paris i've got the number of deviations(from my watchlist) down to 5500, yep orginally i was about 11,000 deviations behind, i apologise on not being able to keep up my watchers work, let alone journals, etc, i just can't find the time to look through everything so i prioritise to at least see through all deviations in my inbox, but that can take time. hopefully in the next week/s that i'm at home i'll be able to catch up to the rest.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Big Rant warning>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    lately i've been thinking about what i should do in the future, regarding going to college/univeristy or joining some local art society, or starting a patreon ( which i probably won't), but the problem comes down to what my parents want me to do, because i want to put my entire focus and time into being an artist, but in their eyes i need to study and get a degree so i can get a job as an architect,etc, but after i tried that for almost a year (academic year) i almost, well i did give up.

studying to be an architect was supremely difficult-mostly towards the end of the year, and it was difficult because i was juggling to study as well as keep on drawing for myself, and to be honest i didn't have any passion to be an archiect, which was evident in my work, i was trying to get through it rather than develop my ideas, in the end i was trying to keep my tutors happy rather than myself, and with the other issues that were going on (i don't want to go into detail about those issues right now) ,

 i felt depressed, unhappy, unmotivated and when my birthday came around i didn't feel anything really, the idea that i would have to keep studying for at least another 2+ years made me more tired and scared frankly.  Intially i wanted to study automotive design, because at heart i'm a car guy, and i draw alot (at least compared to my mother who studied as an artist), i felt passionate about the prospect of drawing cars, modeling cars and possibly creating my own car, but my parents thought that degree would be too narrow of a degree to ensure me a decent job, so 'we' settled on doing Architecture, which is at least a 3 year course but can be 5 or technically 7 years, and to be honest at 18 years old 5 or 7 years of my life felt okay-ish but as time went on i realised that i didn't want to spend 2 years on the course let alone 5.

lately my sadness and anger have been stirred up by my parents (mostly my father at this point) unrelenting control to have me do what they want regardless of how i feel ( to the point that i won't speak to them, eat with them at all even with the trip to Paris coming up), my father wants me to go to university despite it being a financial nightmare for me/us, and the prospect of university is not something i agree with, after what i was reduced to because of it i don't ever want to experience that again, the frustration, anger, sadness, etc, etc. after 20 years of my parents controlling my life as to what i wear,eat,see,hear and do i have lost patience with them and my respect and love for them, and because of how they have raised me as a shy and quiet introvert, its hard for me to make friends and speak, let alone speak my own thoughts, its in places like this on the internet i feel open to express myself but only enough so i don't feel embarased or if someone is offended/hurt.

i guess what i want to express primarily is that i'm unsure what's going to happen come September ( under my parent's demands 'I' applied for university this year, however i was unsucessful) i don't doubt that i will be able to come up with a solution as to what i want and will do, but i know that i will have to face an uphill struggle to convince my parents that my plan will be the right thing for me to do.

sorry for this long-winded rant, but its something i wanted to get off my chest, 

hopefully you, the reader are/will be having a good day or week or whatever, bye-bye, have a good day/night where ever you are.
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so got my new PC today, :D, so far i've been moving stuff from my laptop to this PC, been a slow process.

-i'll be finishing my painting soon, not exactly sure but hopefully before the end of the month

-at the end of the month i'll be going on holiday to France, Paris, i'll do my best to have stuff (new stuff) uploaded before going, i'll be gone for about 4 days.

-finished some sketches, gonna do colouring next.
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-been distracted lately playing Batman Arkham Knight and Lego Marvel Superheroes, on the plus side i've got a bunch of screenshots that are worth uploading.

-been working on sketches, progress has been slow but its nearing completion.

-also been working on a canvas painting, again progress has been slow.


-also i'm way behind on looking through my watchlist, probably like 6000 deviations, apologies that i'm not going to able to keep up to date with people's work.
-hopefully soon i'll be able to get a new pc which should help speed up my work flow.
apologies in advance for my sucky answers, questions and facts. also yes, i'm still alive, anyway down to business.

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0.5: post rules
1: Each PERSON has to share 13 things about them.
2: ANSWER the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
3: CHOOSE 13 people.
4: You have to legitimately tag 13 people.
5: You can't say that you don't do tags.
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13: Try to find an original 11th rule.

13 Facts: (believe or not these are facts, some of which i can barely believe myself)

1.I am Colombian-American, my parents are from Bogota, Colombia, South America and i was born in West Virginia, North America making me an American Citizen.

2.My full name is; Daniel Eduardo Almeida Carreño.

3.I went to 3 primary schools ( i moved around a bit)

4.I'm taller than my parents, i'm also probably the tallest member of our collective families for at least 1 generation (5ft 11)

5.I speak both english and spanish ( specifically, colombian dialect), i can read spanish as well but not as well as speaking it, i'm weakest at writing it.

6.I was christened on the USS Enterprise CVN-65 with my name engraved on the ships bell ( my dad was in the US Navy).

7.I sang for the Queen ( Elizabeth II) in my primary school's choir for a celebration event in Hillingdon for her 80th Birthday.

8.I am a Massive lego fan having collected Lego since i was about 4 or 5 years old. addition to being a Lego fan i am also a Bionicle fan.

10.I am a playstaion "fanboy" but i do have a Nintendo DSlite and DSi.

11.i played Rugby and Football for my secondary school,at first i played football but people said i should join the rugby team, my mum was against the idea for a long while but eventually i played Rugby for the school team.

12.I'm a comic book having toys, films, comic books, graphic novels, games, costumes,etc. i'm a big fan of Batman and Spiderman as well as other DC/Marvel characters.


13 Answers:
1: if you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Stir fry noodles as there's alot that can vary with the ingredients so it won't get too repetitive.

2: what do you prefer, live-action or cartoon? =p (Razz)
cartoon, simply because of stuff like the batman/superman/justice league animated series' and other dc animated films, also the old spiderman cartoons,gen1 transformers and transformers animated from 2007-09 are pretty good.

3: if you could live in any fictional world/universe, which one would it be? ;-) (Wink)
The Grid from Tron Legacy; light cars,bikes and planes with Daft Punk as DJs what more could i need :).
4: you've been kidnapped by aliens, wut do ya do now? >:3 :ayylmao: 
i really don't know, try to talk/communicate with them or try to draw what they look like. or just be scared, or fight if i'm angry about being kidnapped. 

5: if you could meet any fictional character in real life, who would it be?
Optimus Prime, took me a while to think of a particular character, others could be spiderman or batman.

6: if you could meet anyone on DevArt in real life, who would it be?
i couldn't think of one particular person cos that would be unfair to everyone else so if i could it would be my watchers to be honest, i would like to meet them and hang out.

7: would you ever want to go to space?
yes, to the moon specifically.

8: what food do you prefer, salty or sweet?
sweet, whilst i do like both i would say that i have quite a sweet tooth especially for chocolate.

9: would you rather be able to breathe water or fly?
fly, but i kinda have a fear of heights so i would be both excited and terrified.

10: what is you favorite thing to read?
i don't read that often but i normally would read graphic novels, my fav graphic novel would probably be Kingdom Come… ,what sold me on reading it was first the story but most importantly the art style, i love Alex Ross' work and to have an entire graphic novel in his style is amazing. Superman:Red Son, The Dark Knight Returns, Marvel:Civil War and Batman Year One are my other Fav Graphic Novels that i've read.

11: (since everyone I tagged does MOCs n' stuff) what was your first Lego set?
the problem with this question is it took a while for me to remember what the first sets i got looked like and to then find the correct name and product code, also since i was really young, like 4 or 5 i don't know which one i actually got first;

6423-1 Mini Tow Truck (2000)…
6407-1 Fire Chief (1997)…
5561-1 BigFoot 4X4 (1997), i think i can remember building this particular set with my…

also worth noting my first Bionicle sets were from the first line; Toa Lewa and Toa Tahu.

12: if you could become anything, what would you be?
a bald eagle, cos im very patriotic like that, plus they look cool.

13: what is your favorite vehicle? (can be fictional)
decided to go with a real vehicle, my fav classic car, in black the Ferrari 275 GTB…
i love this car to me its just really beautiful.

13 Questions:

1. Do you have/have had/ will have any pets?

2.what things are you a fan of? e.g. tv, film, toys,videogames, etc. 

3.Do you play Video games? if so what is your fav game?

4.What is your fav/preferred medium to work in and with? e.g. markers,pencils,oils    canvas, paper,mountboard

5.You are now King of the Squirrels, what do you do to protect your kingdom?

6.If you could use/have any fictional object in real life what would it be?

7.What animal/creature (can be fictional) would best describe you as a person? 

8.What is your oldest possession?

9.What motivated to join DeviantArt?

10.If you could become any fictional character, who would you be?

11.What is/has been the most challenging thing for you to do as an Artist?

12.If you were a website what website would you be? wake up to find that you are the only person left on earth, with funtioning internet and power what do you do?

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